Now that Christmas is coming, we installed our Christmas tree. You can decorate it in the traditional way with balls, lights and garlands. But floral designer Sarah Dikker has a completely new idea for Christmas decoration; decorating a Christmas tree with plants. In this article you can read how to do this.

Decorating your Christmas tree with plants

Living flowers and plants in your Christmas tree is totally the trend of today. Plants not only contribute to a healthier living environment, they also make your Christmas tree shine even more. Can any plant in the Christmas tree just like that? Yes you can. Any plant with a clod of potting soil around it can be placed in the Christmas tree. Plants such as Anthuriums are extremely suitable for it. The colored flowers make them stand out in the green tree. You can easily match the color of the Anthurium with your interior or choose other colors. The plant doesn’t need a lot of water and is therefore ideal for putting in the Christmas tree.

How to do it?

You put the plant with the pot against the trunk and then the plant hangs in the tree. You can do this with any strong plant, as long as the pot is still around it. In addition to the plants, you can of course also put loose branches such as the scented eucalyptus, dried flowers, but also the Anthurium cut flowers in the Christmas tree. 

In this video we will show you how to do it yourself: