Anthurium flowers are known for their long-lasting bloom. They can stay fresh in a vase for up to three weeks! This is partly due to their sturdy stems. However, it’s possible for a flower stem to accidentally bend. But even when this happens, the flower itself can still thrive. You just need to find a different purpose for it, other than placing it in a large vase. We’ll give you two creative solutions for a bent Anthurium flower stem.

What to do with a bent Anthurium flower stem

If you have beautiful Anthurium flowers at home but one of the flowers stems has bent, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be the end of the flower. So, don’t throw it away! Read on for two creative ideas with a bent Anthurium flower stem. This way, you can repurpose it and enjoy the flower!

Option 1: Create a mini bouquet

Find a small vase, trim the stem of the Anthurium just above the point of damage, and gather a few other flowers or greens to accompany it. This way, you can create a cute mini bouquet. It will be a lovely addition to your bathroom, kitchen, or even your toilet!


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Option 2: Water display

If the flower stem has bent just below the flower itself, trim it just below the bloom. If you have several flowers, place them in a glass dish filled with water. This will create a beautiful decorative piece!


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