Last year, the Tuinbranche Nederland, the Branchevereniging VHG, iBulb and Flower Council Holland consulted trend watcher Aafje Nijman to present three style trends for 2018: ‘Punk Rebooted’, ‘Re-assemble’ and ‘Romance 3.0’. In a series of three articles, we’re going to give you more details about these trends so you will be more inspired than ever!

Style trend: Punk Rebooted

The first style trend emerges from a shift of power. Having to follow a lot of rules without even knowing who will be in control tomorrow, makes us feel like we’re losing our freedom. This leads to a feeling of unrest and rebelliousness that adds a raw edge to society.

De planten trend van 2018: Punk Rebooted

Home decor

Punk Rebooted is a style trend that’s all about power, freedom and ignoring rules. A room should have a bold look that doesn’t go along with the standard rules and customs. The established order is rudely shoved aside; what Punk Rebooted is all about is grabbing the viewer’s attention. This is also reflected in the use of flowers and plants: all the existing rules become irrelevant. Sharp and/or jagged elements are the finishing details for Punk Rebooted.

De planten trend van 2018: Punk Rebooted

Use of colour

To catch the eye, Punk Rebooted makes use of many contrasting colours. Black, red, graffiti, quirky and jagged – you name it – are all mixed up with metal and the green of flowers and plants. Patterns are an industrial copy of luxurious materials. Marble patterns, for example, are used on enamel or plastic surfaces. We also see scratches and patterns resembling spots and splashes.

Color Chart


In the garden, Punk Rebooted shows up as almost unclaimed patches of land in which nature unexpectedly demands our attention. The message here is: grant nature its freedom. This creates an unpolished, cluttered but relaxed outdoor space. You could help this garden on its way by things like replacing a paving slab with a plant, using a piece of steelwork from a construction site as a throne for your brightly coloured plants or flowers, or installing some chicken wire as fencing material. Anything is possible as long as it catches the eye!

De 3 groene trends van 2018

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