With the new year now in sight, it’s high time to start looking at the green trends for 2018! Last year’s trends were ‘Harmonise’, ‘Equalise’, ‘Energise’ and ‘Rebel’. But will these trends continue into 2018? The Tuinbranch Nederland, the Branchevereniging VHG, iBulb and Flower Council Holland consulted trend watcher Aafje Nijman to present three style trends for the coming year: ‘Punk Rebooted’, ‘Re-assemble’ and ‘Romance 3.0’.

Punk Rebooted

Punk Rebooted is a style trend that’s all about power, freedom and ignoring rules. In terms of interior design, this means a rugged look for indoor spaces, products displaying crisply defined shapes, and unpolished industrial materials. All the existing rules about the use of flowers and plants become irrelevant.

You’ll see contrasting colours, lots of black, and red used as a statement. Green, beige and light peach soften these harsh contrasts. Patterns are an industrial copy of luxurious materials. Marble patterns, for example, are used on enamel or plastic surfaces. We also see scratches and patterns resembling spots and splashes.

Color chart

In the garden, Punk Rebooted shows up as almost unclaimed patches of land. The message here is: grant nature its freedom, even if it’s just replacing a paving slab with some greenery. This creates an unpolished, cluttered but relaxed outdoor space.

De planten trend van 2018: Punk Rebooted
Photo: Flower Council of Holland


This style trend focuses on the creative combination of new and old elements. Various products, shapes, colours and materials are combined to create another whimsical look every time. Flowers and plants play an imaginative role in this: why not hang up a bouquet sometime?

The colour palette is varied: a combination of bright, pastel, natural and muted colours. Materials are both new and recycled. Examples include plastic, natural materials, paper, cardboard and recycled sheet material. Inspiration for the patterns is often reflected in unique colour combinations such as a green leopard print. Different patterns are also combined together as a patchwork.

Color chart

And the garden makes use of recycled materials to reinforce a casual look. ‘Re-assemble’ combines various styles, functions, perceptions of space, and materials. This gives the garden a flexible feel and makes it look like a work in progress.


De planten trend van 2018: Re-assemble
Photo: Flower Council of Holland
Photo: Bouquet Tales

Romance 3.0

The economy is picking up while we’re finding ourselves in a digital bubble. The result? ‘Romance 3.0’ that makes luxurious use of flowers and plants. This is reflected in large flower shapes, opulent bouquets and large plants – both flowering and foliage plants – sometimes with an exotic appearance. Combinations of rich materials provide a decadent look. Luxurious materials such as velvet and marble are used extensively in addition to wood, glass, brass, ceramics and leather. These materials are of high quality and sometimes enhanced with embroidery, prints or paint. The colours used are diverse and rich and include both pastels and intensive darker shades. Many patterns have a floral origin, but animal prints are also used as a source of inspiration.

Color chart

In the garden, we see a luxurious outdoor space with whimsical borders full of flowering plants, curving shapes, and soft, comfortable or richly decorated pieces of furniture. Luxurious materials such as marble are used for paving. Gold and brass are also used extensively.

Photo: Anthura

These are the green trends for 2018! Would you like to know more about the anthurium – things like how long it blooms or how many varieties there are? This link takes you to an FAQ sheet that gives you answers to many questions.