Have you just discovered the wonders of flower arranging? This article already explained the basics of flower arranging, but now it’s time for some extra tips so you can become an even better flower arranger!

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Try something new

If you usually buy flowers from a florist, why not try something new? Go to a market for a change! Or, maybe even better, start picking flowers yourself! Did you know that there are special cutting gardens where you can put together your own bouquet?


Now that you’re familiar with the basics of flower arranging, you no longer have to see them as rules written in stone. Think outside the box! A bunch of flowers doesn’t necessarily have to be arranged in a vase. You could also put them in a carafe. Or present them in several little vases and pots. Try buying flowers that you usually wouldn’t choose – just to see if you could make something pretty with them. Of course you could!

Observe nature

Take a look at the natural environment more often. Do you ever see perfect bouquets there? No, so take this as another little tip. The next time you start a flower arrangement, look at the colours, patterns and shapes you see in nature. It’s a good way to free yourself from limitations posed by rules and picture-perfect creations.

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