Anthuriums produce gorgeous and exotic cut flowers that are available all year round. They’re not limited to a certain season! And you can get them in a wide range of flower shapes and colours. You’re probably familiar with the red ones, but you can also find them in other colours like pink, green, orange, purple, salmon and brown. But where can you order Anthurium flowers? 

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Buying Anthurium flowers

The best place to buy Anthuriums flowers is usually a florist shop. If your neighbourhood florist doesn’t have any Anthuriums (or not exactly the ones you want), don’t hesitate to ask for them. Ordering them is usually no problem at all. Another solution is to order them online. This article tells how.

Caring for Anthurium flowers

After purchasing your cut Anthurium flowers, trim 5 centimetres from their stems and place them in a clean vase filled with tap water. Although these flowers don’t need any cut flower food, they won’t mind it either. This means that you can add cut flower food to a mixed bouquet containing Anthuriums. Replace the water about once a week and also trim a centimetre from the ends of the stems right before putting the flowers back in the vase. If you do this, your Anthurium flowers will easily have a vase life of two to three weeks.

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Whereas you (hopefully) buy yourself flowers often, you probably never buy a vase. After all, once you have a number of vases, you usually don’t need a new one (and your storage space is probably full already). Even so, the purchase of a new vase once in a while is still a good idea. It can really add to the look of both a room and the flowers you arrange in the vase. To inspire you, we found five striking vases that would be simply perfect for arranging cut anthurium flowers. | 📷 @anthurabv — #fanthurium #anthurium #anthuriumflower #inspiration #instaflowers #flowers #flowerlovers #flowersofinstagram #decorationinspiration #instagood #inspiratie #plants #instaplant #flamingoplant #plant #green #mooiwatplantendoen #mooiwatbloemendoen #funnyhowflowersdothat #thejoyofplants #plantsofinstagram #plantstrong #plantstagram #urbanjungle #interieurstyling #plantstyling

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