Anyone who loves plants will tell you that you just can’t have enough of them. But where can you find space to display them all to perfection? This is where we come in: here’s a suggestion on how to create a mini urban jungle in your own home! All it takes is a few tips and tricks.

How to create a mini jungle in your home

Select a spot in your home, create levels at different heights, and then arrange your plants. It’s also important to use many different kinds of plants in a range of heights. To create the various levels, use things like a terracotta plant pot, a little stool, a side table, a window sill, a small bench and/or a plant stand.

Houd de zomer nog wat langer in huis
Photo: Styled by Sabine

It’s also best to combine the plants with various kinds of simple materials such as wood and bamboo to keep the effect uncluttered and provide a feeling of serenity. Then, to add some colour, include one or more Anthuriums. The key here is to mix and match.

Are you going to create a mini urban jungle? Have fun!

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Zo creëer je een plantenhoek in huis
Photo: Anthura