Christmas is just around the corner, and so are cosy Christmas dinners with friends and/or family. Are you still looking for inspiration to set the table festively? Read on quickly for 3 tips for festive table styling with Anthuriums, Christmas style!

3 tips for festive table styling for Christmas with Anthuriums

Use colour

The standard colours for Christmas are red and green. However, you can also create a festive table styling for Christmas with other colours! In the photo below, for example, you can see that pink also works very well with red and gold. It doesn’t make it any less festive!

Photo: Draad en Spijker

Add dimension to the table

A flat-set table with dinner plates can become a bit boring. By creating height variation, the table’s appearance becomes much more playful and exciting to look at. So, stack some plates of different sizes and place a beautiful bowl on top. Additionally, place some candlesticks and a cute vase with Anthurium flowers on the table. Anthurium flowers are available in a wide variety of colours, so they match perfectly with the rest of the festive table styling.

Make personal name cards

Whether you have many guests or not, it’s fun to make name cards. This adds a personal touch to the table! For example, insert an Anthurium flower into a napkin and attach a name tag. Then, place it on a plate or a napkin.

Image: Draad & Spijker

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