Michèle, a proud mother of four, lives with her husband Matthijs in a newly built house in Enkhuizen. We recently treated her to some stunning Anthurium flowers – you may have spied them in her industrial chic interior on her Instagram account. It was a good reason for us to get better acquainted.

Industrial Chic

How would you describe your interior decorating style?

My style, and fortunately also my husband’s, is a combination of industrial items, warm wood tones, calm colours and plants. It is mainly a combination of doing and daring, there are no wrong choices! Every space is unique, but together they form a whole. I always aim for the WOW effect! Anything less is just not good enough—an industrial atmosphere with a chic twist. My Instagram name covers it, come to think of it.

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industrial chic
Image: @industrieelchique

Have you done a lot of work in your home?

When we got the keys 6 years ago, a lot needed doing. It may be a relatively new home, but it was poorly maintained. We outsourced certain jobs, but we also did quite a lot ourselves. We renovated the bathroom, for example, made built-in cabinets and installed wooden walls. I still love our exposed brick wall in the dining room. It creates a nice, industrial look.

Do you regularly change your interior?

Yes, it will hardly surprise people that I enjoy changing the interior. I don’t necessarily tackle the entire house, sometimes small changes can have a major impact like a new colour on the wall, for example, or a new piece of art. They are often enough to give your interior a mini makeover.

How often do you get flowers for your home?

I love plants, and flowers too. I prefer unusual and eye-catching varieties such as Anthuriums, for example. My favourite colours are a mix of pink and white. You can put any Anthurium flower in a vase solo, but you can also use them, as I have done, to display together in an airy bouquet.

Tips for enjoying Anthuriums even longer:

  • Always use a clean vase and change the water weekly.
  • Cut a piece off the stems at an angle.
  • Don’t put the flowers right next to a fireplace or heater or near a fruit bowl.

If you want to find out more about Michèle, follow her on Instagram @industrieelchique or read her blogs at industrieelchique.com.