The smaller the house, the fewer the plants. Nonsense! You just have to be a little more creative. Plants are often left out in small spaces, while it has many advantages to place a few! For example, the air purification of a plant has more effect in smaller spaces. But there’s more! Read them in this article, in addition to tips on how to decorate a small space with plants.

How to decorate a small space with plants

As mentioned above, it has many advantages to place a number of plants in a small space. In addition to the fact that the air purification of plants has more effect, the plants are always in sight. So you can hardly forget to water them! Convinced? Then read on for clever hacks on decorating a small space with plants.

Use the walls and ceiling

In most houses, there always is quite a bit of space available on the walls. And plants are ideal for this! For example, you can hang a shelf and place a few plants on top. Or hang a few plant hangers from the ceiling. Also lovely is a plant pot that allows you to hang a plant upside down from the ceiling. It contains an advanced irrigation system, which provides your plant with water for up to two weeks at a time.

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Use mirrors

A trick to make a small room seem larger is to use mirrors. They can make your space look bigger, brighter, and better. Besides that, it doubles the amount of greenery if you place a few plants near it! You can see the difference in the video below:


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Add small plants

They say that small furniture makes a small space seem even smaller. But that does not apply to small plants! You can easily place these anywhere throughout the house. For example, place a few mini Anthuriums on top of a cupboard, at the end of the bookshelf, on your bedside table, or next to spice jars: the options are endless! Another advantage is that the air purification is more distributed throughout the room.

4 manieren om de mini-anthurium in huis te halen
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