The Anthurium is extremely versatile. This exotic flower not only comes in a huge range of colours but also in various shapes: choose between heart-shaped, tulip-shaped and elongated flowers. No wonder that Anthurium flowers are perfect for use in bouquets. To demonstrate this versatility and inspire you to use them yourself, here are five ideas for creating a colourful Anthurium bouquet.

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Inspiring ideas for a colourful Anthurium bouquet

This bouquet includes bright green Anthurium flowers combined with other flowers in shades of pink and orange. This makes the Anthurium flowers stand out even more. Here’s a bouquet in a riot of colours. Who wouldn’t smile when seeing it?

If you’d prefer something less bold, you could use flowers in more closely related colours. Incorporating less contrasting colours provides a quieter look that still has lots to discover!

For a smaller bouquet, you could use Anthuriums in two different flower shapes and combine them with spring-flowering branches:

Using Anthurium flowers in two contrasting colours gives you an instant eye-catcher on a table.

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Is your motto ‘the bigger, the better’? Then a combination of different shapes of Anthurium flowers and branches is a good idea. Using warm colours will give you an impressive yet tasteful bouquet:

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