The 8th of March – International Women’s Day – is a day dedicated to women’s assertiveness and their struggle to gain equal opportunities. Many organizations arrange activities intended to call attention to issues such as equal pay, economic independence and sexual violence. Despite the fact that this day wasn’t established for the purpose of showing the special woman in your life how much you respect and appreciate her, it’s still the perfect occasion to do so. That’s why this article gives you three tips to delight the woman in your life on International Women’s Day.

3 ways to delight woman on International Women’s Day

Express your appreciation

Buy a pretty greeting card and fill it with all the reasons you appreciate her – not anything about her appearance, even if she is a real beauty – but things relating to her personality, character and what she means to you. What does she do to make you so proud of her? How does she step out of her comfort zone and demonstrates courage? Showing her that you value her for who she is and what she does will give her self-confidence a real boost!

Give flowers

A gift of flowers makes almost anyone happy – and this definitely applies to women. Just the fact that you selected a beautiful bouquet for her will put a smile on her face. And that smile will reappear every time she looks at those flowers. Did you know that people surrounded by flowers actually feel less stressed and more relaxed? Now, that’s something else she deserves, right?

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Encourage her personal development

Encouraging the woman in your life to further her personal development is right in line with what International Women’s Day is all about. Has she ever said anything about a hobby she’d like to spend more time at – or pick up again? Maybe a course or workshop she’d like to take? Or what about a good book? Making a mental note of these kinds of things helps you choose just the right gift when the time comes.

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