Anthuriums have a tropical charm, elevating any space into a trendy hotspot. It adds an exotic touch that livens up the surroundings. What makes Anthuriums attractive are their vibrant and shiny leaves. With their cool and stylish colours, they take centre stage. As a low-maintenance houseplant, the Anthurium thrives with ease, making it the perfect addition to any interior.

Taking Centre Stage

With their striking colours and unique shapes, Anthuriums complement interior designs. These strong plants with their distinctive look demand attention. They prove to be exceptional choices for creating stunning table arrangements, captivating centrepieces, and remarkable event decor. The experts at Greenstock have extensive experience in using Anthuriums to create designs that you can’t ignore. At the impressive location of Café en Seine, the beauty and strength of the Anthurium are truly showcased.

Taking Centre Stage
Image: Cinefleur

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Versatility in Every Form

The skilled florists at Greenstock use different types of Anthurium varieties in their designs. From a glossy, dark green Anthurium with heart-shaped leaves to an enchanting purple-flowering variety that catches the eye. Of course, the inclusion of robust red varieties is essential, since they are easily recognisable and make a bold statement. These arrangements are perfected with touches of white and purple.

Images: Cinefleur

Enduring Beauty

In addition to its beautiful appeal, the Anthurium is incredibly durable. This resilient plant thrives in different settings, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced plant lovers. With its ability to withstand temperature changes and adapt to different light conditions, the Anthurium proves to be a reliable and easy-to-care-for plant companion. Its robust nature ensures that it remains vibrant and healthy, even with minimal care. Whether placed in a bustling café or a cosy home, the Anthurium is taking centre stage.

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Source: Cinefleur