The tropical Anthurium is a must-have for your interior. You can easily create playful compositions with these powerful plants. And you don’t need a lot of room to create a veritable plant corner, as the Anthurium comes in different sizes. The beautiful colours make it a fun plant to play around with in designs that need a tropical touch.

The tropical interior must-have

The temperature might be low and the days a little short, but you can still add a little tropical warmth to your interior with the Anthurium! With lots of different shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, the Anthurium is one of the most playful plants to work with. The most familiar colours are red, white and pink but there are also bicoloured or dark purple (almost black) anthuriums. In total, there are hundreds of varieties in different sizes!

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The tropical interior must-have
Image: Cinefleur


This plant is completely adaptable to your own unique style. And the nice thing is that you can put them anywhere in your house. You can even use them in trendy designs, which is what the plant experts at Plantome have shown us. At Plantome, the Anthurium is used in different ways and settings to show its true potential!

Did you know that the anthurium comes in different flower shapes? It is a very diverse flower and comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes. The most classic is the heart-shaped flower, so you probably know that one. But besides that, the anthurium is also available with ribbon-shaped, tulip-shaped, cup-shaped and veined flowers.

Images: Cinefleur


An anthurium has a months-long flowering period. Remove the spent flowers (with stem) from the plant and within a few months, new ones will reappear, adding that dash of colour to any interior for a long time.

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Source: Cinefleur