You probably know Anthuriums as a very special tropical houseplant. But did you also know that Anthuriums are one of the longest-flowering plants? And that an Anthurium is air purifying? To put it simply, Anthuriums ‘Breathe & Bloom’. 

Anthuriums: air purifying & long lasting

Bring fresh air into your house with Anthuriums

The air quality indoors can often be worse than the air outside. This is primarily due to the presence of certain substances from the furniture, clothing, floor covering, paint, printers and more. A poor indoor climate is often cited as the cause of health issues like difficulty concentrating, skin problems, headaches and respiratory conditions.

But studies have shown that plants in the house have a positive effect on the air quality. Plus, the tropical Anthuriums instantly brighten up any interior with their red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white or green colours. Easy to care for, air purifying, and one of the longest-flowering houseplants with a particularly beautiful appearance… You can’t help feeling cheerful when looking at one!

How does it work?

Plants purify the air and reduce the concentration of CO2 and volatile organic compounds. But how do they do that? Plants absorb harmful substances from the air through their leaves. Then these substances are stored and broken down in the plant or its roots. Air purifying plants add water vapour to the air, which improves the humidity. This keeps your workplace and home environment fresh and healthy.

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