This Valentine’s Day, love was in the air – literally. On 14 February 2023, Flower Council Holland’s ‘Cupidrone’ circled above a shopping mall in the Netherlands to surprise shoppers with flowers and poems. What better way to spread love than with flowers? Anthuriums contributed as well. They say it all with their heart-shaped spathes.

Heart-shaped flowers

Research shows that Valentine’s Day is not a very popular concept in the Netherlands. Only 39% of Dutch people say they will do something special on this day. More than 69% think Valentine’s Day is ‘commercial nonsense’. Nevertheless, the day of love is gaining popularity among Generations G and Z, and Millennials. The Cupidrone was deployed to encourage people to celebrate Valentine’s Day – an initiative of Flower Council Holland.

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Flower Council Holland developed a bright-red drone called the ‘Cupidrone’, especially for Valentine’s Day. The Cupidrone scoured the streets, looking for couples and others who deserve an extra dose of love. Many growers assisted the Cupidrone in its mission by providing stunning flowers such as Roses, Chrysanthemums, Anthuriums, Gerberas, Carnations, Irises and Freesias. Every flower had a poem attached to it. Some flowers even had a special treat in store: a fully catered romantic date.

The Valentine’s Day promotion was announced with a video teaser via the social media channels of Flower Council Holland and the growers involved. The message about the promotion was also broadcast by national and regional news media, radio and TV programs and lifestyle media.

The message of flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift and have a wonderful effect on people. There is always a good time to give them, but on the ‘day of love’, flowers are definitely indispensable. Anthuriums are the perfect choice on this day. With its heart-shaped spathe, it is literally a message of love. Although red and pink varieties are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anthuriums come in a variety of other colours, such as white, purple, brown and even green. In addition to being varied in colour, the flowers also come in different shapes and sizes. What’s more, Anthuriums are strong flowers that you can enjoy for weeks.

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