Did you know that Anthuriums are one of the longest-flowering plants and flowers? Where most plants bloom once a year, the Anthurium pot plant blooms for months and several times a year. And Anthurium cut flowers can easily last three to four weeks in a vase! This makes the Anthurium a sustainable choice, because you can enjoy them for an extra long time.

Longest-flowering plants and flowers

The Anthurium is available as a pot plant and cut flower. Both are very strong and long lasting!

How long do Anthurium cut flowers last?

When buying flowers, you naturally want to enjoy them for as long as possible. And while you can throw away most flowers after two weeks, that’s different for Anthurium cut flowers! The Anthurium is a strong flower with a unique long shelf life. They can have a vase life of up to three to four weeks, if properly treated.

A few care tips to extend the vase life of Anthurium cut flowers:

  • Refresh the water every week and clean the vase
  • Cut 1 cm from the stem at an angle
  • Don’t place the vase near fruit

Anthurium flowers don’t need cut flower food, but they tolerate it. Therefore, it’s no problem to use cut flower food for mixed bouquets.

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Longest-flowering plants and flowers
Image: Diyou Design & Photography

How long does an Anthurium pot plant flower?

Many plants flower once a year. The Anthurium pot plant, on the other hand, flowers for months and several times a year. Usually, there are cycles of three months of flowering, a few months of rest and three months of flowering again. In winter, the Anthurium usually produces slightly fewer flowers, but when the sun is shining more often, the plant wakens from its hibernation and will flower more. If the plant has shiny leaves and produces new flowers, you can assume that it’s happy.

With the right care, an Anthurium pot plant will continue to produce new flowers all year long. A few care tips:

  • Place your Anthurium in a spot with sufficient daylight, but not in direct sunlight.
  • Water your plant twice a week in summer and once a week in winter.
  • Keep your Anthurium away from drafts and don’t place it too close to a hot radiator.

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longest-flowering plants and flowers
Image: Diyou Design & Photography