Did you know that Anthurium flowers come in different shapes? It’s a very diverse flower and available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The classic Anthurium shape is the heart-shaped flower, so you’re probably familiar with that one. In addition, the Anthurium is also available in ribbon-shaped, tulip-shaped, cup-shaped and veined flowers. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the cup-shaped Anthurium.

The cup-shaped Anthurium

The cup-shaped Anthurium is exactly what you think it will be: a cup shaped flower. A literal translation of its name! You can think of the botanical Peruzzi cut flower: a cup-shaped variety that offers a beautiful gradient of warm colours.

Everything you need to know about the cup-shaped Anthurium

Another example of an Anthurium with cup-shaped flowers is Joli. The nice thing about this variety is that the colour of the flower changes the longer it blooms and grows. The young, newly created flowers are white and as the flowers continue to bloom, this changes to pink and eventually to a fresh green colour.

de mooiste plantenhangers op een rijtje
Foto: Joli Blush

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