Anthurium varieties are extremely diverse: they are available in a wide range of sizes and versions. You can choose from pot plants and cut flowers, and the shape of their flowers can vary as well. They can be tulip-shaped, ribbon-shaped, heart-shaped and cup-shaped and even display obviously veined flowers. They are also available in solid and multicoloured varieties as well as in large-flowered and small-flowered versions. Here are brief descriptions of the various types of Anthuriums:


As the name suggests, the shape of these Anthuriums resembles a tulip. Two examples of tulip-shaped Anthuriums are the Marea and Facetto cultivars.


This name is also a give-away: the narrow ribbon-shape of their flowers gives them a real elegance! Good examples are the stunning deep purple Zizou variety and the macaroon-pink Lilli.


Most people think of an Anthurium as having a heart-shaped flower because this is its traditional shape. So it’s not that surprising that Dutch Anthurium growers feel closely associated with the Dutch Heart Foundation. Not only do they volunteer to collect money for this charity but they also sell Anthuriums every September to raise as much money as they can for the Dutch Heart Foundation. This link tells you more.



The Dutch name for the cup-shaped Anthurium is a literal translation of its English name. Take the botanical look of the Peruzzi variety used as a cut flower. This is a cup-shaped cultivar that displays a gorgeous gradation of warm colours.


Veined flowers

Examples of Anthuriums with veined flowers are the Tequila and Livium varieties. The flowers produced by these bicoloured Anthuriums have a red spadix, red veins and also look as if they have a red blush and lip.

Mini Anthuriums

Anthuriums are also available in mini-versions in the Lovely’s series. Its stem length of 40 cm and flower diameter of 7 to 9 cm make it a gorgeous eye-catcher that’s also easy to work with. These small-flowered Anthuriums have a vase life of no fewer than 27 days: a long time to enjoy these Lovely Anthuriums.

Solid and multicoloured

Anthuriums also come in a very wide range of colours. Some Anthurium plants produce flowers in a single colour while others like Kaseko produce multicoloured flowers. Its stunning two-tone flowers display a fresh yellow/green colour combination with a pink/red lip which is also repeated in the colour of the spadix. Adios Summer, an Anthurium used as a pot plant, has also a splendid multicoloured spathe than graduates from green to pink.

Small and large flowered

Examples of small-flowered Anthurium varieties are: Lilli that produces small pink flowers the same colour as a sweet macaroon, and the dazzling deep red Million Flowers Red with its small leaves and (as the name suggests) a huge number of flowers. Examples of large-flowered Anthurium varieties are the tulip-shaped Marea, the raspberry-red Impulz and the white and green Denali.

Have you always wanted to know how long an Anthurium is in bloom or how many varieties there are? This link takes you to an FAQ sheet that gives you answers to many questions.

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The different types of the Anthurium