Less is better, but not when it comes to plants. If you’re a plant hoarder, it can happen that you have more plants than plant pots. Luckily, there are plenty of nice plant pot alternatives. Stuff that isn’t officially a plant pot, but can be used like one! And most of them you probably already have at home. Read on for our tips!

5x plant pot alternatives

There are so many more options for displaying your plant than in a plant pot. You can easily upcycle any household item that would normally end up in the trash. Here are 5 ideas!

1. Tea box

A tea box with compartments is ideal for a few small plants. It immediately looks cozy, like a mini plant corner.

2. Bell jar

Place your plant under a bell jar and it will immediately become an eye-catcher. It will look extra nice if you make a kokedama out of it first!

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Zo maak je een anthurium kokedama

3. Candle holder

Are you saving candles that are burned out because you love the containers they came in so much? Here’s an idea: remove the wax and wicks and convert them to plant pots!

4. Wicker basket

A wicker basket is a nice way to display a plant. Check whether there is a plastic layer on the bottom so that it’s waterproof. If not, place your plant on a saucer in the bottom. This will prevent it from leaking when you water the plant.


5x originele alternatieven voor een plantenpot


5. Glass jar

A glass jar is ideal as a plant pot too. Think of a preserving jar, mason jar or just an empty glass sauce jar. Why throw them away when you could use them as planters?

Watch this video for 3 original plant pot alternatives:


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