Plants are essential for life on Earth. The presence of plants releases enough oxygen into the air and provides food. As autotrophic organisms (that convert sunlight into energy through their ability to photosynthesise) plants are the main producers of oxygen, and therefore the basis for most food chains. The life of animals on land could therefore only begin after plants had colonised the land. Therefore, without plants there is no oxygen. Without plants there are no animals. Without plants there is no food. Without plants there is no life. So, plants are essential for life, but there are many more positive effects of plants. You can read more about this in this article.

Less stress thanks to plants

Various studies have shown that people who are around living plants are less stressed than people in a plant-free environment. Hence Charlotte Lelieveld of Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) says: “Plants lend an attractive look to buildings, which has a positive effect on stress reduction.” And the same applies in your home. Research by Lohr et al (1996) also showed that people in a room full of plants have lower blood pressure than people in a plant-free setting.


What you cannot see are the tiny pollutants in the air. Formaldehyde in particular is a very common substance. It’s emitted by new furniture and floors, curtain fabric, some types of paint and wallpaper glue. Precisely the things that make a room so cosy and colourful. Washing them away won’t work: disinfectant cleaning products contain this invisible gas, and vacuum cleaners emit particulates. Help – indoor pollution! Don’t panic, but it’s a fact that too much of these substances can be unhealthy. Plants help remove these substances from the air and then convert them to clean oxygen. Obviously ventilation is also a must, but not always possible when the weather is very hot or cold. Plants are champions at particulate removal (through their leaves) & humidifying. A good reason to provide every room with plants.

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De positieve effecten van planten

Natural temperature controllers

Plants are the perfect temperature controllers. For example, it is recommended that you keep the temperature in a nursery around 18 degrees Celsius. Tricky? Leave it to the plants – they have a natural cooling effect.

Plants in the workplace

Research shows that everyone who works with a screen for four hours a day is more productive and demonstrably feels better thanks to plants in the workplace. It is also the case that a large plant for every two employees or a large plant for every 12 m² of office space has a positive effect. Also interesting: people who work in a room with plants call in sick less (a reduction from 36% to 16%). This is an average of 1.6 fewer days off sick per employee per year.

Plants are good for you

It is clear that plants are good for you and for the environment. Therefore, plants are perfect to give someone else as a gift. This is always a good idea, but especially at a time when we have to pay extra attention to each other. So… what are you waiting for!

Source: Bloemenbureau Holland