During the annual Easter celebration, which takes place in Rome on April 11 2021, floral designer Paul Deckers chooses the Anthurium this year as the main flower for the decoration of St. Peter’s Square. With over a billion people watching this annual celebration all over the world, this huge event is an impressive stage for both Anthurium growers and for the entire floriculture industry.

Anthurium as the eyecatcher

Paul Deckers has been involved in the decoration of St. Peter’s Square since 1988. In 2015 he even received a honorable award from the pope for his floral creations. From that year he chooses to use a main flower every year. For the 35th edition, Deckers selects the Anthurium as an eye-catcher. When choosing the main flower, he looks for a flower with a powerful appearance and strong character.

Floral Designer Paul Deckers laat plannen zien aan anthuriumkwekers02
Photo: Floral Designer Paul Deckers

“I always choose flowers that are close to me, that I can work with easily and that have a grand effect. The Anthurium is a powerful flower and has many applications, because the flower can be arranged as a cut flower, but also as a plant. Anthuriums have very special and unique flowers, they are long-lasing, have a high decorative value and a multitude of colors.”


Paul Deckers often uses the symbolism of flowers in his work as Floral Designer. “The Anthurium is – not really surprising – a symbol of exotic beauty. The shape of the flower is also remarkable. This often resembles a heart and thus immediately encloses love, passion and connection. In addition, the white Anthurium with the heart shape stands for peace and tranquility. This powerful, strong and pure flower will soon shine on St. Peter’s Square, “says Deckers.

Anthurium as the main flower of the Easter celebration in Rome
Photo: Paul Deckers (left) with Anthurium growers Jens Kool (middle) and Marco van Adrichem (right)

Collective product promotion

The more than two thousand Anthuriums will be decorated on the balcony where the Pope gives his speech, will be used in ten major creations placed in front of the St. Peter’s Basilica, and in many arrangements in the gardens. This ensures a beautiful color intensity. Anthuriums are offered by Anthurium Info – the growers collective of all Anthurium pot plant and cut flower growers. “We are incredibly proud that we can deliver the Anthuriums for the St. Peter’s Basilica, on behalf of the collective product promotion. This is a great opportunity to show a billion people worldwide the flower, “says Anthurium grower Marco van Adrichem.

For more information about this project, visit www.pauldeckers.nl.