When it comes to houseplants, the bigger is better. Sure, several small houseplants on a shelf look cute. But to really make a statement, a few large indoor plants will do the trick. It gives an exotic feeling to your interior and fulfils the role of a living work of art! In this article, we’ll share 4 tips for styling large indoor plants in your interior, without it becoming a lavish jungle.

How to style large indoor plants in your interior

A large indoor plant as the focal point of a room

Who doesn’t love having a luscious, green plant as the focal point of a room? If you’re afraid that it will become too much, don’t worry. Just place the houseplants in different places in the room, instead of placing them all together. Because when there’s enough space between them, a balance is created that brings tranquillity. And that’s exactly what we want! In addition, the tone-on-tone principle also does a lot to keep the peace in your interior.

Large indoor plants are great for bare corners

Large indoor plants are great for bare corners and awkward transitions between furniture. Corners are usually dead spaces and having a plant there is a great way to put that space to good use. For example, place a large indoor plant in a nice planter on the floor or on a stool. Suddenly the boring corner is an eye-catcher in the house! A small effort with a big result.

Use a large indoor plant as a room divider

Are you looking for a nice room divider? A large indoor plant can really help split an open layout into two spaces, without it becoming harsh. The leaves still let enough daylight through. For example, place a large indoor plant between two desks in your (home) office.

Use plants at different heights

Within your interior, it’s nice to work with different heights, because this creates a playful look. When all the plants are the same height, it becomes a bit boring. So when buying plants, make sure that you don’t buy plants of the same size. Do you already have many plants of the same height at home? Don’t worry. You can play with their height by making a nice plant corner. For example, place a large indoor plant in a pretty plant pot on the floor, place another on a small table beside it, hang a shelf and place a few smaller plants on it. This way you create different heights!

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