When times are changing and we feel insecure, we want to feel the ground under our feet. Grounding, literally. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Flexa color experts proclaimed a neutral shade as Color of the Year 2021. Trend color Brave Ground is a warm, natural and neutral color that provides bolster and balance in any room. Wondering how you can style this versatile color in your interior? Read on for lots of inspiration!

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The Flexa color of the year 2021: Brave Ground

The Flexa Color of the Year 2021 comes with a few different color palettes. This will help you on how to combine Brave Ground in your interior. The color palettes consist of four different color families:


Trust: earthy colors. These subtle, tone-on-tone hues go well with mid-century furnishings and luxurious finishes such as copper, marble and velvet.


Expressive: bright pink and red. These colors look great with modern furnishings, graphic patterns and light wooden floors.


Timeless: sand and copper tones. This palette forms a solid basis for any interior, whether traditional or modern, and goes well with artisans and natural materials.


Earth: blue and green. These shades go well with natural woods, vintage furniture, elegant ceramics and indoor plants.

How to style your interior with Brave Ground

Brave Ground is the ideal base color for walls. It’s a neutral brown, that can be combined well and makes other colors come out nicely.

Stijl je interieur met de Flexa trendkleur van 2021: Brave Ground
Photo: Huisje_35

But even if you don’t feel like doing a total makeover, you can update your interior with a small effort. Place a few new home accessories in a different color palette, and your interior will look like new again!

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