Usually, you think of arranging Anthurium flowers in a vase and placing an Anthurium houseplant in a plant pot. But did you know that you can also place an anthurium plant in water?/var/folders/gv/7v9gvnvd37z3pmbs9chzqd480000gn/T/ not only looks beautiful but has other advantages as well, especially for those of us who often forget to water our plants. This article will tell you how to place an Anthurium houseplant in water.

Getting their feet wet

To give your Anthurium the hydroponic treatment, start by removing the plant from its pot and gently shake as much of the soil from the root ball as you can. Then wiggle your fingers through the roots to remove more soil. Finally, rinse the remaining soil away under the tap and into a bucket. The plant can then be placed in a vase filled with water (preferably rainwater) until the roots are completely immersed. Plants prefer rainwater to tap water because rainwater is softer (it contains less calcium and salts) and is thus better for them. The result is quite a trendy version of the plant. And not only trendy, either, because you can also watch the roots grow.

An Anthurium houseplant in water: a DIY project

A houseplant in water

The roots of a plant absorb both nutrients and water. Actually, this wondrous network of trailing strands is so attractive that it deserves to be seen. And in this case, you can put the roots on display by rinsing them off before placing them in water. This plant can remain with its roots under water for at least a couple of weeks. Wait to add more water until the roots are no longer entirely immersed.

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