Did you know that you can place an Anthurium houseplant in only water? It’s already a stunning plant, but this turns it into a real eye-catcher in your home. To provide you with some inspiration, we asked three bloggers – Judith Home, Dutchguy84 and PRCHTG – to style their living space using an Anthurium plant in water. Since each blogger has his/her own interior design style, such a project would reveal the versatility of this plant. A previous article focused on creating a stunning look using Anthurium flowers while this one shares the results of using Anthurium plants in water.

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An Anthurium plant in only water

In Judith Home’s living space

Judith Home designed her living space using primarily natural colours such as brown, grey and white. This gives the entire area a feeling of warmth and serenity. It’s also the same in her bedroom where she created a beautiful look with an Anthurium plant placed in water. The plant fits in perfectly with natural materials such as wood and wicker in combination with the softness of feathers and fabrics. Its white flowers coordinate with the colour scheme, and its green leaves add just the right bit of colour. Anthuriums also serve as air purifiers, increase humidity and have a relaxing effect that can help ensure a good night’s sleep.

An Anthurium plant in water to suit three different interior design styles
Photo: Judithhome

In Dutchguy84’s living space

Klaas, perhaps better known to you as Dutchguy84, has a large open living room with plenty of natural sunlight provided in part by its high ceilings and stained glass windows. His design uses luxurious materials such as marble and glass as well as transparent furniture. This makes it the perfect place for the natural colours of an Anthurium plant displayed in a transparent vase filled with water. What a fresh green touch!

In PRCHTG’s living space

Fleur and Jessica, the PRCHTG bloggers, like to use unusual colour combinations in their living spaces. Fleur’s style of interior design focuses primarily on black, grey and white with bright colours accents provided by paintings, painted surfaces or flowers. Or a pink plant stand holding two pink Anthurium plants growing in water! A touch of pink never hurt the look of a room, right?

An Anthurium plant in water to suit three different interior design styles

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