Sometimes, ideas just don’t easily come to mind. You want a room to look different, but where to start? Consider plants as a solution. After all, they’re not a big investment, you can move them around until you’ve found the right spot, and they can still make a real difference in how you experience a room! But maybe you could use a few tips to get started. These 6 blogs about houseplants could be just what you’re looking for. Greenspiration guaranteed!


Plantenfestijn focuses on blog articles about houseplants and the use of botanical accessories as interior decoration. Stephanie, Plantenfestijn’s blogger, continues to add to her plant collection but pays particular attention to plants with a pretty leaf texture and a unique colour. She’s also always on the lookout for beautiful pots to put her plants in and has a real nose for finding interesting little shops that offer items that are just a bit different. The blog is written in Dutch however the photos show interesting plants and offer ideas on how to make them stand out.

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Mama Botanica

As Mama Botanica puts it herself, she’s a plant blogger with a mission. She wants to inspire the internet generation to develop its green fingers. Naturally, we stand behind her 100 percent! Iris, the person behind Mama Botanica, loves to share her knowledge about plants by means of her blog and Instagram and also gives various plant workshops in several shops that sell plants. Her blog shows great pictures and videos of plants. Even though Iris writes in Dutch, the photos are just great and offer lots of beautiful greenspiration.

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Het Groenlab

Judith Baehner is behind Het Groenlab, who shares her passion for green in articles, photos, lectures and even workshops. At Het Groenlab you will find all sorts of blogs about flowers and plants in your home, garden or kitchen and the best DIY. If you can not get enough of her blog, you’ll find even more great tips and inspiration in one of her houseplant books; Green in glass, The plant Lab or Wonderplant. A must for the real green lovers!


Plantsome was set up by the brothers Thom and Axel: two young entrepreneurial men. Growing up as sons of a grower, their passion for plants started at an early age. But what bothered them a bit is the fact that a trip to a garden centre can easily gobble up a couple of hours – simply to find the right plant. They wondered if they could make this process more convenient. Their solution? Plantsome! This is a website where you can order plants online in the Netherlands, read an interesting blog in Dutch and find greenspiration.


At Leegbord, Gertrude posts a new blog every Thursday that gives tips on how to create a green oasis in your home. She wants to help her readers discover that they have green fingers, too! In her own case, this came as a surprise, but she became so excited about plants that she decided to create a ‘Green House’ in her tiny apartment. She even wrote a book about it: My Green House. Anyone who visits Gertrude’s Dutch blog not only discovers interesting plants, but also ideas how they can be presented in a particularly beautiful or extraordinary way.


Bloomifique is a home and lifestyle blog with an accent on houseplants and cut flowers. After all, everyone loves flowers and plants, and they add something special to any room. So this site tells you everything you’d like to know about flowers and plants and gives you lots of inspiration, too. Some examples? How can you use flowers and plants as unique decorative eye-catchers in your home? Or how do they serve as natural ‘cheerer-uppers’ to keep us mentally healthy and happy?

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6 great blogs about plants