Caring for your houseplants during the summer is not that difficult. Simply place them in a location where they will receive enough light (but not in direct sunlight) and water them about twice a week. Winter, however, makes things more difficult. Daylight hours are shorter, draughts can occur, and the heating is often turned on: all factors that are hard on houseplants. That’s why we’re giving you three tips to help your houseplants survive the winter.

A stable environment

Try to keep your houseplants’ environment as stable as possible. Keep them away from windows and doors to eliminate the risk of draughts, and minimise fluctuations of temperature by keeping them away from radiators. Since anthurium plants prefer temperatures ranging from 20°C to 22° C and high humidity, one place they will feel right at home is in a bathroom.

Enough light

Houseplants need sunlight, even during the winter. Anthuriums in particular like to receive as much light as possible. Placed in a shady spot, they will produce fewer flowers. If little sunlight enters your home during the winter, you might have to place your plant under a lamp.

How to help your houseplants survive the winter: 3 tips


During the winter, houseplants require less water than in the summer months. An anthurium plant, for example, will need watering just once a week in the winter. If you really want to pamper your plant, use a plant spray to mist it with water and make it think it’s back in the tropics for a while.

Photo: Anthura

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