If you enjoy plants in your interior, you’re probably always looking for creative ways to incorporate more. Because as long as you can walk freely around the house without tripping over them, you can’t go overboard. Right? So read on for 4 creative ways to incorporate more plants into your home!

How to incorporate more plants into your home

A plant ladder

A fun way to incorporate more plants into your home is to use a ladder. Try leaning a tall ladder-style shelf up against a wall and filling it with hanging plants. It keeps greenery out of the way, but still on display!

more plants into your home

An indoor garden

Most people place a number of plants throughout their houses. But you can also put them together, to create the idea of an indoor garden! For example, make a large planter with various plants in it, or reserve a corner of a room to group a few plants together.

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more plants
Foto: Styled by Sabine

A large indoor plant

A few small houseplants make a home very cosy. But to really make an impact, place a large plant in your interior. It gives an exotic effect in the house and can even fulfil the role of a living work of art! A large indoor plant can also help split a big room into two spaces without becoming harsh. The leaves still let enough daylight through.

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Anthurium cut flowers

Another way to incorporate more greenery into your interior is with cut flowers. You’re probably thinking of a beautiful bouquet, but a few Anthurium cut flowers in a tall vase also look stylish. Less is more!

Anthuriums in het Amsterdamse grachtenpand van blogger Klaas
Photo: Dutchguy

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