The bedroom is an important place in the home because a good night’s sleep is crucial to our well-being. This is when our body recovers and our mind comes to rest, so it is important to make your bedroom a relaxing space. An oasis of calm, where you can relax the minute you step inside.

A Relaxing Bedroom

A Tidy Mind

A tidy home equals a tidy mind, and this is especially true in the bedroom. Because honestly, how could anyone have a good night’s sleep in a messy space? So, start tidying up your bedroom, and make sure that everything has a place. Try to create plenty of storage space, so your surfaces can remain empty. You could place items under your bed, for example, or work upwards with tall cabinets.

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Soft Textures

Using soft textures and comfortable materials will make your bedroom even cosier. You could try adding a fluffy rug under your bed, soft decorative pillows and a warm blanket on the bed. A comfortable armchair can also contribute to a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

A Relaxing Bedroom
Image: Elleinterieur

Energy Boost with Flowers

Put a pretty bunch of flowers on your bedside table for a good start to the day. A  study by the University of North Florida shows that flowers are the perfect way to start your day feeling good! For this study, participants’ homes were decorated with pretty bunches of flowers, particularly in rooms that are often used in the morning, such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Next, the participants were asked how they felt in the morning. It turned out that flowers make for a more positive start to the day!

What’s more, the study shows that flowers can provide an energy boost. In other words: they not only brighten up your house, but people as well!

Image: Elleinterieur

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