The Evanty Nursery has a rich history of over 50 years in growing Anthuriums. In addition to cut flower production, this nursery also focuses on growing Anthuriums as pot plants, which makes this company unique. A story with two sides. In other words, they offer a versatile assortment, ranging from beautiful hand-tied bouquets to vibrant pot plants.

The Versatility of Anthuriums

A Story with Two Sides

At the Evanty nursery, the sight of Anthuriums growing and flowering, both as pot plants and as cut flowers, is impressive. When the plants arrive at the nursery via the breeder, they are about 20 cm high. The plants are then repotted into a 21 cm pot. The first flowers appear on the plant after about 13 weeks; they are then cut and used in bouquets. The plants are placed in a shelving system and spaced further apart after 20 weeks. During this period, flowers are still cut every week.

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Image: Evanty

“The plants are tended to for about 60 weeks and then go on sale as a pot plant,” tells the grower. “This means we stop cutting the flowers. As soon as the plant has approximately 8 flowers, we get it ready for sale.” This all-round cultivation method is not only efficient but also very sustainable.

Long-lasting Splendour

Anthuriums are known for their longevity, both as a pot plant and as a cut flower. If you take good care of your Anthurium plant, it can flower for up to 6 months and may well last you for years. Cut Anthuriums also have an impressive vase life. They will look beautiful in a vase for 3 to 4 weeks on average. Both the breeder and the grower keep a close eye on the longevity of their Anthuriums: “We are always trying to improve the assortment. At the moment, we are running a trial with cut Anthuriums. One of the flowers from this trial has lasted in a vase for well over 2 months.”

Image: Evanty

Versatile Anthuriums

With their vibrant colours, shiny leaves and unique heart-shaped flowers, Anthuriums make quite the impression in any environment. Whether in a bouquet paired with different varieties or as a mono bouquet, cut Anthuriums will always be an eye-catcher. That being said, Anthuriums are also versatile as a pot plant. They are perfect as a houseplant in your interior, but you can also use them as a stunning arrangement for events. Moreover, Anthurium pot plants and cut flowers can be styled together, offering endless possibilities for creative applications. In short: the Anthurium is a versatile product that comes into its own in any setting.

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Stay tuned for even more insights, stories and hidden features about Anthuriums. Take a journey of discovery with Anthuriums, step by step.