In this blog, Wijnen Anthuriums takes you behind the scenes of their business for a sneak peek into their craftsmanship. From the flowering greenhouses to the special store for consumer sales. Find out more about the colour and quality of Anthuriums, immerse yourself into their long vase life and get to know several varieties that Wijnen grows with pride.

Colour and Quality

Vase Life and Quality

Wijnen Anthuriums is a close-knit family business with more than 50 years of experience growing cut Anthurium flowers. They have built up an impressive array of over 35 Anthurium varieties on their extensive grounds. At Wijnen Anthuriums, the vase life and quality of cut Anthurium flowers are of the utmost importance. These exotic blooms have a long flowering period that can vary depending on the type and environmental factors. Hailing from the tropics originally, Anthuriums thrive longer in warmer temperatures, while fresh water and good care can significantly extend their lifespan in the vase. Cut Anthurium flowers will look beautiful in a vase for 3 to 4 weeks on average.

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colour and quality

Quality is of paramount importance at Wijnen Anthuriums. Strict quality standards, such as frequent crop inspections, guarantee first-rate flowers. Wijnen Anthuriums explains: “Crops are replaced in good time, and we sort the flowers with a critical eye so that we select only the very best Anthuriums for our customers.” Sustainability is another core aspect of the nursery’s working method. Wijnen Anthuriums highlights: “We are taking careful steps to ensure we leave a minimal environmental footprint. A few examples include using solar panels as a source of sustainable energy, making our boxes from recycled material, and offering Anthuriums in water in reusable buckets.”

Colourful Varieties

The diverse range of cut Anthurium flowers offers a stunning combination of colour and quality. Anthuriums are available in different colours, flower shapes and sizes. This includes elegant heart-shaped creamy-white Anthuriums, perfect for stylish arrangements at weddings, for example. The assortment also offers calyx-shaped Anthuriums for a completely different look, giving the same flower a brand-new dimension. Some varieties have multiple colours in one flower, ranging from soft shades with a spadix in a contrasting colour to veined flowers.

To add even more charm to these colourful blooms, Wijnen Anthuriums shares an interesting piece of history: “Before, there used to be only orange, red, white and pink varieties. The introduction of the green Anthurium was a real milestone, since at the time, not many green cut flowers were available. Nowadays, however, the possibilities are endless, with a wide range of colours.”

Inspiring Flower Moments

The Wijnen Anthuriums shop is right next door to the nursery. It is much-loved by flower lovers. People travel from far away for fresh flowers, so the shop is a destination in its own right. Wijnen Anthuriums explains: “In our shop, you will find a variety of options, ranging from loose Anthurium stems of first and second quality to carefully composed bouquets for any occasion. We also offer a selection of vases and gift cards, perfect for gifting some floral splendour.”

In the nursery shop, they cut fresh flowers in the morning and seamlessly integrate them into bouquets and arrangements. An emerging trend in the shop involves anthuriums with long stems, a feature embraced by many florists.

colour and quality

Anthuriums are a true source of inspiration, both for large-scale events and for daily enjoyment at home. With their long stems, the flowers have a striking appearance, perfect for field bouquets where the Anthurium stands out brilliantly from the rest. Thanks to its long vase life, you will enjoy this beautiful flower for a long time. Why not experiment with different colours and combine Anthuriums in a tall or round bouquet to create a striking accent, on your kitchen table, for example?

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Stay tuned for even more insights, stories and hidden features about Anthuriums. Take a journey of discovery with Anthuriums, step by step.