This time, we are taking you into the Karma Plants world to tell you more about growing Anthurium pot plants. Discover inside information about their cultivation techniques, how they consistently maintain quality and their efforts in the field of sustainability. If you are curious to find out more about how this nursery facilitates optimal growth, flowering and sustainability of Anthuriums, read on and take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Karma Plants!

Optimal Growth and Flowering

Strong Roots, Healthy Growth

In the sophisticated world of Karma Plants, a family-owned business, Anthurium growth and flowering are determined by an unusual cultivation method: the Grown with WaterWick system. So, what does this method entail? Karma Plants explains: “When the Anthurium cuttings are planted in their growing pots, we add a special wick, also known as the WaterWick. This clever wick facilitates contact with water that contains all the necessary nutrients the plants need to grow. What makes it remarkable is that the plant ‘feels’ from the very first moment that its nutrition is delivered via this wick.”

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Optimal Growth and Flowering
Image: Karma Plants

“We use advanced ebb and flow floors in the nursery. When the floors fill up with water, the smart wick sucks up water which is then gradually spread to the roots of the plant. This unique method of watering from the bottom up allows the plant to regulate its own water needs. In addition to this innovative method, the plants are also irrigated from above. The result? A consistent quality, with each plant receiving a tailor-made amount of water,” Karma Plants says.

At Karma Plants, everything revolves around caring for the roots because they believe this is essential for healthy plant growth. The Grown with WaterWick system facilitates optimal root growth, resulting in strong and healthy Anthuriums. It is their secret weapon for stable and consistent growth.

Easy Care

The Grown with WaterWick growing system also offers convenience for you as a consumer. Combined with a waterproof decorative pot, the WaterWick forms a dynamic duo that creates a water buffer. This smart combination allows the plant to absorb water on its own according to its needs so that worrying about watering your Anthurium too little or too much becomes a thing of the past even if you go away for two or three weeks! Caring for your plants is now even more convenient.

Image: Karma Plants

Responsible Cultivation

Sustainability is an important theme at Karma Plants. To make cultivation more environmentally friendly, the nursery has consistently invested in innovative initiatives since 2006. The fully recycled water stream within the company is one of the main pillars of its sustainability policy. Rainwater is collected in a large water basin and flows through the company to water the plants. Every drop of water that is not absorbed by the plants is returned to the silos, where it is purified and reused.

Completely peat-free cultivation is another of Karma Plants’ sustainable feats. “At Karma Plants, we focus on peat-free cultivation, which means growing our Anthuriums without using peat in the potting compost. This is important because peat is a natural resource and using it can be harmful to the environment. Peat-free cultivation lets us reduce our impact on the environment and helps us preserve valuable natural resources. Our Grown with WaterWick cultivation method makes this possible.”

Image: Karma Plants

Karma Plants continues to work towards even more sustainable cultivation methods. They aim to minimise their carbon footprint while maintaining the distinctive quality of their products. Karma Plants also wants to set an inspiring example in sustainability, especially for the next generation.

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Stay tuned for even more insights, stories and hidden features about Anthuriums. Take a journey of discovery with Anthuriums, step by step.