This blog explores a promising sustainability technique in Anthurium cultivation: peat-free growing methods. This approach is gaining increasing attention within the ornamental plant industry. Nursery Stolk Brothers talks about this innovative approach. Find out how they successfully cultivate beautiful potted Anthuriums without peat, while reducing their ecological footprint.

Growing Peat-Free Anthuriums

Innovative Cultivation

Growing anthuriums requires craftsmanship, where quality and innovation go hand in hand. An important new development in the sector is peat-free growing. Traditionally, peat, a type of soil, is used in many crops because of the advantages it offers. It holds water and nutrients well and is forgiving. This means it allows growers a margin of error without the plants suffering directly. However, peat extraction is anything but sustainable. Peat mining releases a lot of CO2, which contributes to climate change. Moreover, peat is a non-renewable resource, meaning it eventually runs out. That is why more and more growers are switching to more sustainable alternatives.

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growing peat-free anthuriums
Image: Stolk Brothers

The switch to peat-free cultivation

Nursery Stolk Brothers has made its entire range of potted anthuriums peat-free since early 2023. However, the transition to peat-free cultivation is not an easy task. In fact, it takes years of experimentation and testing to find the right substrate that offers the same benefits as peat, without the negative environmental impact. ‘One of the biggest challenges in switching to peat-free growing is maintaining the quality of the plants,’ says the nursery. ‘Fortunately, our customers do not notice any difference between plants grown on peat and the peat-free varieties. This shows that peat-free cultivation is not only a viable but also a high-quality option for the future.’

Peat-free cultivation is an important step towards a more sustainable future for Anthurium cultivation. By growing peat-free anthuriums, consumers and growers can help reduce CO2 emissions and conserve natural resources. This small step has a big impact.

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