Madeleine’s interior is anything but boring. We adore it. During December, her place looked even more atmospheric than usual. Sadly, once the holidays are behind us and the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree have come down, we end up with some empty spots. In our opinion, we should all fill these spots with Anthurium plants. And so we lost no time in heading over to Madeleine’s to surprise her with beautiful Anthuriums, also known as flamingo flowers.

Lasting Floral Splendour: Flamingo Flowers

Let’s start briefly: Madeleine is a pedagogical teaching assistant. She lives in a home that was built in the 80s with her husband Juan, their three sons, two dogs named Milo and Pepper, Roja the cat and five chickens. She has been posting snaps of her interior on Instagram since 2017. You can find her under the name @Madeleineshouse72.

A Rustic Interior Style in the Mix

Madeleine: “Even as a child, I loved changing the interior. My mother remembers me dragging furniture around as a toddler, and as a teenager, I constantly changed up my room. My mind is always racing and I just keep coming up with new ideas that I want to execute. That may sound tiring to some, but for me, it feels relaxing. Over the years, I have developed my style. I guess you could call it a mix of all kinds of styles combined while keeping a modern and rustic look and feel going. My favourite colours are combinations of black, beige, brown, and taupe.

empty spots
Image: @madeleineshouse72

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I always keep an eye on home decor trends, but I don’t let them dictate my interior decorating style. This is a tip I often give to people. Choose the elements that appeal to you from all the home decor inspiration you can find on Instagram, on television or in magazines, and don’t be afraid to mix them up. This is the best way to create your atmosphere.”

From Empty Spots to Lasting Floral Splendour

Now that the Christmas tree has been taken down, Madeleine has filled the empty spot with flamingo flowers: “To be honest, I don’t mind that the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations are gone. It does leave empty spots, though. So I filled them with Anthuriums. I love not only the flowers but the large, dark green leaves as well. They lend the plant a lovely full look. Our interior now showcases a mix of brown, white and dark-coloured Anthuriums. The latter almost looks black, but, needless to say, that is a flower colour that you don’t see in nature. The plants are dotted here and there around the house, but I have also grouped a few for an extra natural look. What’s great about Anthuriums is that they flower for a very long time, so we fully enjoy their heart-shaped spathes.”

Image: @madeleineshouse72

While Madeleine was busy positioning her Anthuriums, one of the flower stems accidentally snapped. It resulted in a creative idea: she picked a few more flower stems from the plant and created a charming flower arrangement. “I put the flower stems in a vase on my coffee table. It’s not a problem, because the flamingo flowers will automatically produce new stems!”

Madeleine regularly redecorates her house. If you are wondering what her interior looks like now, follow her on Instagram via @Madeleineshouse72.