The festive season has come to an end; the Christmas tree, decorations, and lights have been stored away, leaving behind a somewhat dreary and empty home. Unwelcoming, isn’t it? But fear not! We’ll turn that space into a green haven. Out with the Christmas tree, in with the Anthurium plant!

Out with the Christmas tree, in with the Anthurium plant

Down below, we’re sharing two charming ways to fill the spot where the Christmas tree used to be. We bet you won’t even miss it after trying these ideas!

Opt for a large Anthurium plant

Create a cosy nook in the space where the Christmas tree stood. Place a sheepskin rug, add a basket with some throws, and place a large Anthurium plant on the floor. You can also place several smaller Anthuriums in a bigger plant pot for an extra lush effect.

in with the Anthurium plant
Image: Diyou

Alternatively, showcase your Anthurium plant in a plant stand to make it stand out even more!

Image: Diyou

Create a plant corner

If one plant feels a bit sparse, go for a plant corner. It instantly adds a cosy touch! Arrange various types of plants in different sizes. Use a stool, table, bench, plant stand, or windowsill to create varying heights. This will make for a dynamic and inviting space!

Image: Anthura

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