The anthurium is the houseplant of the month for June. Thus rugged, strong plant with its stylish air is attractive to look at and has a timeless beauty: the anthurium is the sort of housemate you can never get enough of!

Authentic houseplant

The anthurium’s enduring popularity is no surprise: a luxurious flowering pot plant with plenty of foliage, nice to look at and easy to keep. In short, a pleasant personality to have around the place. It’s a very authentic plant: whether your tastes are traditional or modern, anthuriums always fit in perfectly.

Endless pleasure

There is a wide choice where it comes to anthuriums, which come in sizes ranging from small pots to mini-shrubs. Alongside the various species, there is also a massive variety of colours, ranging from red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white through to green.


Style it rugged!

The one thing that all anthuriums have in common is that they offer great value for money. You can easily shape the look with the pot: if you opt for a wood or ceramic container, the anthurium will quickly give a rugged impression, whilst colour-matching the spathe gives a funky effect, and a simple pot makes it casually chic.

Natural style

The first anthuriums invaded our living rooms in the nineteenth century, and they have never gone out of fashion since. The luxurious flowering plant has a timeless air, so that you never get tired of it. In the symbolism of plants the anthurium therefore represents natural style and luxury.

Easy companion

The anthurium is an easy houseplant which requires little maintenance and care. It prefers a light spot, but not in direct sunlight. The soil should be kept damp. If the soil is too wet, it will be black instead of brown and it’s a good idea to ease off on the watering. The anthurium’s lifespan and flowering period are also virtually unbeatable: it just keeps producing new leaves and flowers. If the spathe turns green in the second flowering, this is a sign that the plant is in too dark a spot or not getting enough nutrients. Yellow leaves and withered leaves can be removed. If the spathe is gleaming, that indicates that the anthurium is completely content.

Houseplant of the month

The anthurium is the centre of attention this month as Houseplant of the Month for June. ‘Houseplant of the Month’ is an initiative of the Flower Council of Holland and receives financial support from the European Union.