Looking for an original gift for Mother’s Day? We have a really fun idea for a gift that, just like in the old days, is homemade. Plus, it’s genuinely enjoyable to receive. We’re talking about an Anthurium Kokedama for Mother’s Day! Curious about what this is and how to make it yourself? Then read on.

Create an Anthurium Kokedama for Mother’s Day

Translated literally, the word kokedama means ‘moss ball’ in Japanese. It’s a special Bonsai technique in which the roots of a plant grow inside a ball made of moss. It might sound complicated, but it’s not! You can easily make it yourself. You can even incorporate an anthurium, including its nursery pot, into the moss for a simple and original result.


To make an Anthurium Kokedama for Mother’s Day, you’ll need the following:

  • An Anthurium plant
  • A piece of moss
  • Thin wire
  • Scissors

How to

Unfold the moss and lay it out on the table. Then wrap the moss around the plastic pot of the Anthurium. Try to ensure that the plastic pot is completely covered with moss, so you can’t see it anymore. Secure the moss by wrapping thin wire around it. Is everything staying in place? Then your Mother’s Day gift is ready!

Also, watch this video to see how to create the Anthurium Kokedama:


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Caring for an Anthurium Kokedama

If you’re giving this unique gift to your mother, it’s handy to include some care tips. Here’s how to care for an Anthurium Kokedama:

  • Water the Anthurium Kokedama once or twice a week. If the Kokedama feels light, the plant needs water. Ideally, place it in a shallow dish of water so the roots can soak up the water. Let the plant drip dry before putting it back.
  • Place the Anthurium Kokedama in a spot where it gets daylight but no direct sunlight.
  • Moreover, the anthurium kokedama thrives well at moderate room temperature. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and drafts, as this can affect the health of the plant.

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