One of the most common mistakes in caring for Anthuriums is overwatering. Giving too much water to an Anthurium can lead to root rot, which you certainly want to avoid. When should you water an Anthurium? How often? How much? In this article, you’ll find all the answers and tips: watering essentials!

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Watering Essentials

When to water an Anthurium?

Before reaching for the watering can, it’s wise to check if the soil isn’t still moist. As mentioned, overwatering an Anthurium can cause root rot due to stagnant water. So first insert your finger about 2 cm deep into the potting soil and pull them out. Does the soil stick to your finger? Then the Anthurium still has enough water. Does the soil feel dry? Then give it some water. Preferably do this in the evening because water evaporates faster on hot summer days.

How to water an Anthurium?

If the soil of your Anthurium feels dry, give it some water. Always water your plant at the roots and never on the leaves. To ensure you don’t overwater, you can follow the tip in the video below. By placing the Anthurium along with its plastic pot in a terracotta pot, the plant can determine when it needs more water.


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How often to water the Anthurium?

It is important to adjust watering according to your Anthurium’s needs and environmental conditions. During the winter months, evaporation is generally lower, so the plant requires less water. Watering once a week is sufficient to keep the soil moist during this time. In summer, when temperatures rise and humidity levels increase, the plant may require more water to prevent dehydration. It is advisable to water the plant twice a week during this period, but always check the soil moisture before watering to prevent over-watering.

watering essentials

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