Ever stepped into a room and felt an instant sense of comfort? An unexplainable feeling that just clicks? If so, you’ve likely encountered the influence of colour! Colour breathes life into a space and significantly shapes the ambience and character of your interior. And guess what? Plants can play a pivotal role in this process! Read on for six examples that brilliantly showcase how different colours in a space can affect your mood.

How different colours in a space can affect your mood

Plants can help turn any space into your favourite room. Through colour, you have the power to accentuate elements or seamlessly meld them into the surroundings. Colours wield a significant influence over spatial experiences. Moreover, colour can also impact one’s emotional state. Employing warm hues, for instance, fosters an intimate atmosphere and visually diminishes the space, while lighter shades impart a sense of expansiveness.

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Red is the colour of passion, energy, fire, and vitality. It’s perfect to infuse a space with warmth or intimacy. It’s a bold and invigorating colour choice, though beware: an excess of red can induce restlessness and fatigue.


Orange radiates warmth, openness, and conviviality. It’s a revitalising and euphoric colour, capable of injecting fresh energy. Yet, just like red, moderation is key when using orange.

Image: Styled by Sabine


Yellow exudes cheerfulness, radiance, and energy. It’s a stimulating colour, often employed to brighten up dimly lit spaces.

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Brown instils feelings of security, durability, stability, and comfort. It promotes relaxation and is ideal for spaces like living rooms and bathrooms.


Purple exudes a sense of mystery and symbolises intellect and spirituality. This makes it ideal for meditation or study areas, where these qualities are sought.

Image: Styled by Sabine


Blue signifies inspiration and intuition. Its cool tone clears the mind and cultivates balance, rendering it an apt choice for workspaces or bedrooms, where mental clarity is essential.

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