Anthurium cut flowers are stunning on their own and hardly need any accompaniments. A few blooms in an elegant tall vase, and you have a perfect arrangement! However, it’s always fun to experiment with combining different flowers. In this article, we present two options for combining Anthurium cut flowers with other cut flowers. Read on for some inspiration!

Combining Anthuriums with other cut flowers

Anthurium and Cymbidium

Cymbidium belongs to one of the largest plant groups in the world: Orchids. However, not every species is suitable as a cut flower. Fortunately, Cymbidium is! You can recognize this beautifully cut orchid by its long stem and flower column. It grows with red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and bi-coloured flowers. The Cymbidium shares many characteristics with the Anthurium: both have sturdy stems, long-lasting qualities, and a unique appeal. It’s a perfect match!

with other cut flowers
Images: Remade With Love

Simply cut the stems at an angle, place them in a clean vase, and refresh the water weekly. With proper care, you can enjoy this arrangement for up to five weeks!

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Anthurium and green branches

With its vibrant colours and big flowers, the Anthurium loves to be in the spotlight. However, when paired with Cymbidium, the attention gets divided. If you prefer the focus on the Anthurium cut flowers, consider combining them with green branches like eucalyptus or ferns. This creates a delightful contrast between the lush green foliage and the colourful blooms.

By combining Anthuriums with green branches, you can create a striking display that allows the Anthurium to shine brightly as the main attraction.

Image: Anthura

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