When you buy a new plant, you want to make sure you give it the right care to keep it beautiful for as long as possible. But how should you do this? And where will plants grow best? Unfortunately, there’s no single answer that would apply to all the plants in the world. Find out the reasons why in this article.

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Where will plants grow best?

Plants will grow best when they receive the specific kind of care they need. And this is different for every plant. While one plant will grow best in a warm climate, another won’t. The type of soil and the amount of light a plant needs to thrive can also vary. A plant that should receive a lot of sunlight, for example, but is growing in the shade, often won’t survive.

Other factors that could adversely affect the growth of a plant include:

  • Drought
  • Cold temperature
  • Wind
  • Too much light
  • Too little light
  • Infertile soil

An Anthurium plant

Every plant has its own set of factors that determine whether it will grow and produce flowers. An Anthurium, for example, would prefer a place that receives light but not direct sunlight. Placed in a shady spot, the plant will produce fewer flowers. Anthurium plants love the heat and will perform best at temperatures from 20°C to 22° C. Keep them out of a draught and away from a radiator. Anthuriums prefer high humidity, which makes a bathroom a perfect spot for them as long as they receive some daylight there.

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