When you bring a new plant home, you want to decorate it and place it in a nice spot as soon as possible. But before you do that, there are a few things that are useful to do, to maximize the life of your new green friend.

When you bring a new plant home

Research its care needs

Every plant is different and has different needs. Therefore, always research how to care for your new plant. Look for suggested light requirements, water needs, and other environmental suggestions. But also consider how much attention you want to pay to this plant. Some plants only need a little water once a week, while other plants may need some every day.

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When you bring a new plant home
Photo: Anthura

Check the plastic container

First, check whether there are enough holes in the plastic container of your new plant. If so, keep it. Just taking your plant out of the plastic pot and placing it in a plant pot without holes is a no-go. Because if you do this, the roots of the plant will rot as soon as you water the plant. The excess water cannot go anywhere, so it remains in the flowerpot. The roots remain wet, causing them to rot. And that’s not very beneficial for the life of your plant!

Let it adapt

A new plant will always have to get used to its new environment. The conditions in a house are never as pleasant as a greenhouse, but fortunately plants can adapt well. You therefore don’t have to worry if a brown or yellow leaf develops during this period. Once your plant is used to your home, it will continue to grow nicely.

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