Can I put my potted Anthurium outside? It’s a frequently asked and logical question. Because despite the fact that it’s a houseplant, you may also want to enjoy it outside. Especially in the summer! In this article you can read whether it’s best to put Anthuriums indoors or outdoors.

Can I put my potted Anthurium outside?

An anthurium can be placed outside, if the conditions are optimal. It’s a tropical plant, so it likes warm temperatures. If the temperature in summer is around 20°C, the Anthurium can be placed outside. But make sure that it’s placed in a draught-free spot, out of direct sunlight and it doesn’t get colder than 16°C. So when it cools down at night, it’s best to bring your plant back inside.

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Can an Anthurium tolerate cold?

Anthuriums can’t tolerate cold, they are actually very sensitive to cold. If the temperature is below 17°C, it gets ‘cold’. The Anthurium is a tropical plant, so a temperature between 20°C and 22°C is optimal.

Read our FAQ about the Anthurium for more information. Read about caring for an Anthurium, repotting and pruning, but also what to do about brown leaves and how to get the plant to flower again.


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