Anthuriums are one of the longest-flowering houseplants. But in order to enjoy them for a long time, they have to be cared for in the right way. An important part of this is choosing the right spot. Wondering what the best location is to place an Anthurium in your house? In this article, we’ll share 4 of the best spots to keep your houseplant!

Where to place an Anthurium?

Preferably place an Anthurium in a spot with plenty of daylight, but no direct sunshine because the leaves can get sunburned. Does your plant produce green flowers? Then it’s getting too little sunlight. Because Anthurium is a tropical plant, it loves warmth. They do best in a warm room that’s around 16-22°C. Keep them away from draughts and hot radiators.

4 of the best spots to place an Anthurium

The bathroom

Since Anthuriums are native to tropical climates, they thrive in humid locations. This makes your bathroom the perfect spot! Just make sure your houseplant receives enough indirect sunlight. No window in your bathroom? Then place your Anthurium in a spot with sunlight every now and then.

The bedroom

Plants have a relaxing effect, that helps you sleep better. After all, the most important cause of insomnia is stress. Research has shown that being in nature for longer periods reduces stress. So we’re going to bring the outdoors indoors, with a beautiful collection of Anthurium plants! Another reason Anthuriums are beneficial in the bedroom is that they increase humidity levels. This reduces the risk of respiratory infections or irritations.

The living room

The place in your house where you spend most free time probably is the living room. That’s why it’s so nice to place an Anthurium there too! Usually, there is sufficient daylight in the living room, which makes it the perfect spot for an Anthurium. Just be careful with draughts and don’t place it too close to a hot radiator!

In the (home) office

Did you know that the air quality in the office is often worse than the air outside? This is primarily due to the presence of certain substances in furniture, clothing, floor covering, paint, printers and more. And a poor indoor climate is often cited as the cause of health issues such as concentration problems, skin problems, headaches and lung disorders. But luckily, studies have shown that indoor plants have a positive effect on air quality. Anthuriums filter more than 50% of harmful substances within 24 hours and almost 100% in three days. And in return, the plants give off oxygen. The larger the plant, the greater the effects!

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