Anthurium: a perfect plant for the workplace

Now that working from home is increasingly the norm for many people, having a healthy and ergonomic workspace there is also important. Plants in your workspace can play a positive role in this. The Anthurium, for example, has a big heart for the business… Recent research by Wageningen University & Research shows that the Anthurium has excellent air-purifying properties, so it positively contributes to a healthy living environment.

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Carmen shows you all the things you can do with plants and flowers in the home. The possibilities are endless and for that you really don’t need to have green fingers!

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This creative all-rounder writes about the most interesting, most inspiring sustainable ideas with flowers and plants: from decorating your own vases with the children to hanging plants in the kitchen. All about green issues, and easy reading.

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As a passionate modern nurseryman Peter has a clear vision of what durable cultivation should be. His passion comes out in his blog when telling about the origin of the Anthurium, how to give the best care and the vast assortment.

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Hetty is the Anthurium ambassador. All the flowers and plants in Hetty’s home are in perfect condition. How does she do that? Hetty reveals her secrets and shares the best care tips and tricks.

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Cheerful, passionate, ambitious and always in search of interesting events and forms of recreation; that’s Jordy in a nutshell. As far as he’s concerned there will be no shops or restaurants in the near future without plants or flowers. This growing trend makes him very happy.

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This creative guy with his infectious enthusiasm has turned his passion into his work. Right from a young age Bob was passionate about plants and flowers; and he’s now been the owner of a flower shop for more than 15 years.

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Interior inspiration by blogger Styled By Sabine

Do you love a colorful and bohemian interior style? Styled by Sabine is an interior stylist and blogger, and gives you plenty of green inspiration! She took pictures of her interior with Anthuriums especially for Anthurium Info, which you can see on our social media channels in the near future. Read more

The best Administrative Professionals Day gift: Anthurium flowers

Wednesday April 21 is Administrative Professionals Day! A day to celebrate, because where would we be without our secretaries, administrative assistants, and receptionists? It’s a good day to reflect on all the work they do and show your appreciation.  Read more

update your interior for spring

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Bring spring into the house with Anthuriums

Now that spring has begun, the sun begins to show itself more often. Wonderful! We are well and truly ready to venture outside without a jacket, put on our sunglasses and grab a seat on a terrace. The more reason to bring spring into the house with plants! Lots and lots of different plants. Here are some tips! Read more

The most beautiful plant hangers to display your plants

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8x how to style Anthuriums in a bohemian interior

Do you love the bohemian interior style? Then you’ll probably love Anthuriums too, because they are a perfect match. Anthuriums are available in earthy tones for a neutral base, but also in bright colors like pink and orange for a pop of color. Read more

3 ways to delight woman on International Women’s Day

The 8th of March – International Women’s Day – is a day dedicated to women’s assertiveness and their struggle to gain equal opportunities. Many organizations arrange activities intended to call attention to issues such as equal pay, economic independence and sexual violence. Read more

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How to create a colorful spring floral arrangement with Anthuriums

The first day of spring is only in a few weeks, but that doesn’t stop us from already bringing spring into our homes! And a nice way to do so, is with a colorful spring floral arrangement. Flowers and plants symbolize spring, because it’s when everything starts to bloom again! Read more

Style your interior with Brave Ground: the Flexa Color of the Year 2021

When times are changing and we feel insecure, we want to feel the ground under our feet. Grounding, literally. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Flexa color experts proclaimed a neutral shade as Color of the Year 2021. Read more

This is how blogger Binti Home styles Anthuriums in her interior

Blogger Souraya has been running Binti Home Blog for more than ten years now. It’s her personal interior platform, where she shares all her knowledge, expertise and inspiration in the field of interior design, furnishing and styling. She has a beautiful Scandinavian interior style with Arabic accents. Read more