Stylist Elize Eveleens has had innumerable quantities of flowers and plants in front of her lens for her work. But these two photographs with Anthuriums are amongst her personal favourites.

A blown-up copy of the photograph of the young woman with a remarkably large Anthurium hangs in her office. And although the picture dates from a few years ago, she never gets bored of it: “I feel it’s a good example of ‘girl power’ which simultaneously shows of the strength and ruggedness of the Anthurium well.”

Photo by Elize Eveleens


The photograph of a man with a hat and an Anthurium appeals to her because of the ordinariness. “Things are true to life in this picture. Nothing is being beautified here.” All that Elize has done – as she also did with ‘girl power’ – is to place the colourful plants against a white background. But that’s no more than a photographer’s trick to make the picture a bit clearer.


Anthuriums hold a special place in her heart for various reasons. She finds the plant idiosyncratic and she is charmed by the variety of colours. “Certain types change from pink to green after a while – I really like that.” Also important is the fact that Anthuriums make few demands. Her studio/workshop contains a plant which is more than a year old. “It’s the ideal plant for people with a busy life. A companion who waits loyally for you and just keeps on going.”

Photo by Elize Eveleens

In a rucksack

The remarkable nature of the bond between Anthuriums and Elize is shown by the fact that she once took a plant with her … on holiday. She laughs: “Yes, we were going off in the campervan and I thought it should have a plant. We spent six weeks touring through Norway, and I really did photograph that plant everywhere. It even came along on a walk along a fjord. I just popped it in a rucksack.”

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