A gift is always that bit nicer when it’s beautifully wrapped. That’s how you make sure that giving it is just as much a surprise as unwrapping it. Use flowers for example: they give instant joy. And once the gift is unwrapped you can put the flowers in a vase. It’s like giving two gifts in one! We’d like to share a few tips on how to use flowers to wrap gifts beautifully.

As a flower parcel

What you need:
• Uni-coloured wrapping paper;
• String;
• 3 Anthurium cut flowers, preferably in different colours.

What to do:

Wrap the gift in wrapping paper, the way you always do. Wind the string a couple of times around the narrow side of the gift and tie a knot at the back. Then stick flowers in different places between the gift and the string, and voila, you’ve got a flower parcel!

In a small linen bed

What you need:
• A linen cushion cover;
• A ribbon;
• A card with a small hole in it;
• 2 Anthurium cut flowers, preferably in different colours.

What to do:

Wrap the gift in the cushion cover and use the ribbon to bind it. Thread the card onto the ribbon, tie a pretty bow, and put two flowers in between. So simple, and so original!

Good luck and enjoy the giving! Read in this article how in just a couple of steps you can make a bouquet of wild flowers, also a lovely gift!